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Advertising Rates


Notes for all locations

Banner sizes - standard half-banner and full-banner widths and height - 364, 728 and 79 respectively.

PLEASE NOTE: Animated advertisements (all or part of a banner) which are either fully animated or cycle through frames without page refresh call require a 25% premium for the additional bandwidth required to load and display the image. Maximum file size of any image banner in total is 20K.

Sizes/orientations other than the above will be considered upon request.

Banners will not be considered or accepted for above the header of any page.

Site-wide, except Discussion Forums

Below header: US$ 250/year, US$ 350/year for animated banners

Above or below footer: US$ 150/year, US$ 200/year for animated banners

Discussion Forums only

$US/year $US/year
Location: : Simple,
each banner
each banner
Half page-width in the header:  $ 500.00 $ 625.00
Full-width or shared half page-width below Headerr:  $ 400 / $200 $ 500 / $250
Full-width or shared half page-width above Posts:  $ 400 / $200 $ 500 / $250
Full-width or shared half page-width below Posts:  $ 400 / $200 $ 500 / $250
Full-width or shared half page-width after first Post:  $ 400 / $200 $ 500 / $250
Full-width or shared half page-width every Post except first:  $ 400 / $200 $ 500 / $250
Full-width or shared half page-width above Footer:  $ 250 / $125 $ 320 / $160
Full-width or shared half page-width below Footer:  $ 250 / $125 $ 320 / $160

~ Half page-width ads will be shared with a half page-width Google Ad or with another advertiser who has purchased a half page-width ad.
~ The Administrator reserves the right to optimise any images provided without loss of quality to keep the loading time to a minimum.
~ The Administrator reserves the right to reject, deny, or terminate for cause without notice, any advertiser and/or advertising requested or provided.
~ The Administrator is able to offer graphic services, including image optimisation/manipulation and animated images, at an hourly cost.
~ Specific other locations are available, subject to availability and negotiation.
Please contact the Administrator for any other details here...

Site-wide, except Discussion Forums...
Special Banner Ads - which will be in the middle of a few named pages only are intended to be short-run Ads for special occasions or for emergency purposes only. Applications for this advertising will be considered on an individual basis, will not be available on an on-going or long-term basis, and will be priced appropriately.

Web Page Hosting - web pages and/or whole web sites for individuals or Companies, situated on this Domain or on their own Domains, which can be password-protected as desired. Considetred and quoted on an individual basis.

For complete web site creation (and/or refreshing and/or re-creation) services, please see the CanDoo Creative Concepts Sales page for Rate Schedule, sample Rates and Conditions.

eMail mailboxes - are available on this and other domains. Advantages include not being tied to any specific internet connectivity provider and the ability to access email without being tied to your own computer. This service provides a secure standard browser interface to your account - no special software required - and email is stored on the server.

eMail aliases - These allow individuals or Companies to use a unique email address such as whose received mail is forwarded to any other address they specify.

For instance, Joe Bloggs with a company "Target Traders" may already use a personal address

With an email alias, mail being sent to could be forwarded to his address.

With a slight change in his browser settings, he can also be sending mail through his account that appears to come from

PLEASE NOTE: does not condone the sending of unsolicited mail and will terminate any account on this Domain which is found to be carrying on such practices.



These pages are optimised for the fastest use by slow connections and v3 browsers or better. Graphics are optimised for best compression and smallest file size, and the use of extraneous code in the pages is avoided. Frames are also not used for a number of reasons.


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