[Guyana] Upgrade to Linden airstrip commences

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[Guyana] Upgrade to Linden airstrip commences

Unread post by bimjim » Thu Aug 16, 2018

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[Guyana] Upgrade to Linden airstrip commences
August 14, 2018

The first phase of the Linden Airstrip Rehabilitation Project commenced on Monday with sixty Lindeners gaining employment to clear weeds from the site.

The project costing $2M is funded by the Ministry of Finance who responded promptly to the Regional Democratic Council’s (RDC) call for the rehabilitation of the airstrip. The RDC has already completed a proposal for the rehabilitation at a cost of $68 M.

The plan is to develop it into a local airport, which will tremendously boost Linden’s transportation sector and further make it a hub of economic activity to the hinterland regions. “Linden’s prospect of a bright future will surely be weighing on the positive side if the rehabilitation of the air strip goes in tandem with the construction of the Linden and Lethem road, not forgetting the imminent production of oil and gas,” a resident of Linden said.

Regional Chairman Renis Morian, who visited the airstrip with the team of workers and other regional officials, said it is the objective of the RDC to preserve the airstrip for its rehabilitation so that added works will not be placed on the proposal. “We are clearing both sides because we want to prevent the roots from growing under the airstrip since we have noticed that vegetation are attempting to grow under the airstrip, more structural faults will occur,” Morian said.

The Linden airstrip is 5000 ft. long with a clearance of 300 ft. and lies in the heart of the bauxite mining area in. With Linden being strategically located, this transportation port will be exploited, by the hundreds of miners, entrepreneurs and employers residing in interior locations, who pass through Linden by road daily.

The proposal for the upgrade includes fencing, installation of a hangar, adequate lighting, waiting area, toilet facilities, security, air bag and a taxi service. There was also a recommendation of the construction of a nearby hotel for passengers.

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