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About Anguilla...
(pronounced  Ann-gwill-ah)
(NOT Ann-geel-ah!!!)

Area Code (264)


This is the most northerly of the Leeward Islands, and it's name derives from its shape - that of an eel ("anguille" in French). The island stretches from north-east to south-west, with the highest elevation at Crocus Hill, 213 feet above sea level. It has several offshore islets, or "cays", and is fringed with more than thirty fine beaches.

Anguilla was colonised in 1650 by English settlers from St. Kitts, and has remained a British territory ever since.

Weddings (as of 29 Sept,. 2007):
Costs: US$284 for non-residents; USD$40 for residents of 15 days before date of marriage.
Waiting period: Two days.
Documents required: Passport or birth certificate and photo driver's licence. Special requirements apply for Catholic marriage.
(Source: The Toronto Star)


Serious stuff...

Passports are required by all except nationals of the USA, who can enter Anguilla on a birth certificate with a photograph or Identification, Registration Card or Drivers Licence with a photograph. All visitors are required to show an onward ticket. Visas are not required of UK, USA or most Commonwealth nations.

A Certificate of smallpox vaccination is mandatory for those coming from infected areas.

Departure Tax: US$10 if more than 24 hours spent in the island (through Blowing Point Ferry Terminal US$2)

Area: 35 square miles
Population: About 9,000
Locals are "Anguillans"
Capital: The Valley
Airport: Wallblake - AXA
Language: English
Voltage: 110 volts, 60 cycles
Currency: EC$ (US$1.00 = EC$2.70)

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Business Hours

8:00am to 3:00pm Mon-Thu;
8:00am to 5:00pm Fri.
(Closed Saturday and Sunday)
Government Offices
Monday to Friday -
8:00am to 12:00noon;
1:00pm to 4:00pm.
(Closed Saturday and Sunday)
Monday to Friday -
8:00am to 12:00noon;
1:00pm to 4:00pm.
Saturday - usually 8:00am to 4:00pm.
(Closed Sunday)
Anguilla Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 321, The Valley, Anguilla, WEST INDIES
(264)497-2701 Telephone
Anguilla Tourist Board
The Valley, Anguilla, WEST INDIES
(264)497-2451 / (264)497-2759 Telephone
(264)497-3091 / (264)497-3389 Fax
Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association
PO Box 321, The Valley, Anguilla, WEST INDIES
(264)497-2944 Telephone
(264)497-3091 Fax
9327 Telex (answerback ACCAHTA)
Anguilla Department of Tourism
Anguilla Department of Tourism
3 Epirus Road, London SW6 7UJ, England
01-44 (0)171-937-7725 Telephone | 01-44 (0)171-938-4793 Fax
Anguilla Department of Tourism
c/o Sergat Deutschland, Feldstrasse 26, D-64319 Pfungstadt, Germany
(0)6157-87816 Telephone | (0)6157-87719 Fax
Anguilla Department of Tourism
Medhurst & Associates, Inc., 775 Park Avenue, Huntington, NY 11743
(516)271-2600 / (516)425-0900 Telephone
(800)553-4939 Toll-Free | (516)425-0903 Fax



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