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About Nevis...
(pronounced Nee-viss)

Area Code (869)


Whether you arrive in Nevis by air or by boat, the moment your foot touches the ground your life comes to an almost complete standstill. Be ready for it, because it's a shock to even the hardiest of travellers...

Soaring to a height of 3,500 feet, Nevis has a scenic charm and historical background which are particularly fascinating. Pleasant coral beaches lie on the west and north coasts with Pinney's Beach slightly north of the capital, Charlestown.

Visitors will be interested to see the birthplace of the famous American, Alexander Hamilton, and the church in which Lord Nelson married Frances Nesbit. The Nevis Philatelic Bureau in Charlestown has an excellent range of stamps.

Nevis has some of the most attractive hotels in the Caribbean known as The Inns of Nevis, mostly based on restored and converted plantation houses where much of the original stonework is still intact. Each has old-fashioned friendliness and charm. As part of its overall plan to develop physical infrastructure and encourage economic growth, the Nevis Island Administration has embarked on a Port Expansion Project.

Weddings (as of 29 Sept,. 2007):
Cost: $80 in stamps. $20 if couple has been on the island 15 days or more.
Waiting period: Two days (weekdays) before the wedding.
Documents: Valid passports or birth certificates. Couples marrying for the first time need an affidavit to prove their single status.
(Source: The Toronto Star)


Area: 36 square miles
Population: About 6,700
Locals are "Nevisians"
Capital: Charlestown
Airport: Newcastle - NEV
Language: English
Voltage: 220 volts, 60 cycles (110 volts usually available in hotels)
Currency: EC$ (US$1.00 = EC$2.70)

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