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About St. Kitts...
(pronounced Sint Kitts)

Area Code (869)


As your flight touches down in St. Kitts during the harvesting season, the aircraft's cabin fills with a lovely sweet smell you will never forget. It is the perfumed smoke from the sugar factory close to the airport at full swing processing St. Kitts' proudest symbol - the sugar cane - into one of the best sugars in the world.

Columbus called it St. Christopher, but to the indigenous Caribs it was known as Liamuiga - "the fertile island" - with its lower slopes crowned by thick green tropical woodland.

St. Kitts boasts one of the most impressive forts in the New World, Brimstone Hill which, in the 18th century, became known as the Gibraltar of the West Indies.

Basseterre, the main town, belonged to the French during the 18th century, and, though almost totally destroyed by fire in 1867, still retains something of its French character. Buildings of Georgian architecture surround Independence Square.

St. Kitts offers golf, tennis, snorkelling and scuba diving, fishing and horseback riding, but one of its greatest assets is its people, whose friendliness and hospitality are well known to visitors.

Weddings (as of 29 Sept,. 2007):
Cost: $80, plus Justice of the Peace fees.
Documents: Valid passports or birth certificates and state-issued photo ID. Need special form from Legal Department signed by a Justice of the Peace.
(Source: The Toronto Star)


Area: 68 square miles
Population: About 34,800
Locals are "Kitticians" (Kit-tish-ans)
Capital: Basseterre
Airport: Bradshaw - SKB
Language: English
Voltage: 220 volts, 60 cycles (110 volts usually available in hotels)
Currency: EC$ (US$1.00 = EC$2.70)

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