This page contains guidelines for adding and modifying information on this family tree...
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Welcome, everyone!

The Administrator of this family tree database asks you to pay the greatest attention to accuracy and completion, so...

1.    Most important: This is a single, unduplicated, shared resource that must remain secure.
Please do not share your access - username and password - with anyone else. Even if there is another family member who wants to add information, please have them make a request and they should have their own access.
2.    Please only add information to the formal database fields which you are SURE is correct. Information that MAY (or may not) be correct should be added in the notes, and labeled or noted as unconfirmed or unreliable – this is so that the information may be investigated further instead of being viewed by others as correct.
3.    ALL persons directly associated with any branch of this family are welcome to be listed. Contrary to past protocol, this Admin does not erect a wall between a family member’s spouse and the rest of his/her family.
4.    Where a date is approximate, please do not just make one up. If you are not absolutely sure, an entry “About 1865” is preferable to “1865”, and an entry “About May 1865” is preferable to “May 1865” – this is so that the date may be investigated further as uncertain (but with clues provided) instead of being viewed by others as correct.
5.    Please supply your specific sources of information or notes wherever possible, such as “Smith Family Bible”, “IGI database”, “IGI Microfilms (Microfiche)”, “(Location) Archives - Records of Births”, “Will of Jesse Smith, 1843”, “Info verbally direct from Jesse Smith”.
6.    Please supply city/town and parish locations as well as specific record reference numbers wherever possible for all events – especially births, christenings, marriages, deaths and burials. More detail is better, in case someone else wants to verify the source and seek further associated information. Specific information provided removes the need to "re-invent the wheel" and speeds up someone else's research.
7.    Part of this database lists spouse surname/s for females in the Christian name (first name) field separately in [square brackets]. You may follow this convention if you wish, but please ensure you do not insert these [married surnames] in the individual’s surname field.
8.    Please feel free to add images of people and places to the database... on occasion I will retrieve the larger images and "massage" them to optimum size, filesize, colour and contrast. When you do upload images, please remember to identify them - the old Who, What, Where and When. Otherwise future generations will be looking at photos of unknown people with no concept of who they are, where they are, or how they are related - and that is contrary to the objective of this resource.

If you lose your username or password, *please click on the Contact Admin link and send a message which includes your identity, email address and, where possible, your username – the Admin wishes to be sure that the correct person is being provided with renewed access. A temporary password will be provided, and you can change that to whatever you wish after you log on.

*A direct contact email address for the Admin is not provided here for SPAM avoidance purposes.