The Caribbean Kitchen
Spicy, tasty, colourful, just GREAT!

We post Caribbean recipes here for your enjoyment - see the individual links below.

We'll try to select ones you can create with ingredients commonly available in supermarkets most countries, but there will occasionally be some for which you will need ingredients from the Caribbean or a regional West Indian or Asian specialty store.

If you have a Caribbean recipe to offer or you have created a new Caribbean dish, please let us publish the recipe here for others to enjoy. Create it, display it attractively with a colourful background, then take a colour photo and send it to us - with the recipe! - for best presentation.

Don't forget to add in a few comments about what country it comes from, whether it is an ethnic dish, and a little background and description about it - make it interesting.

In addition, we would prefer that you make the recipes you send us easy to put together, with minimum fuss and preparation - add in your own comments to make it interesting. If it gets too complicated, we'll list yours - but then follow it with a klutz-proof method we call "Splatterflinger's Easy Pot".

Thanks in advance!!!

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