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Vacation (and other) pictures from around the Caribbean...
S O  -  W H E R E   A R E   Y O U R S  ?????

OH NO!!!

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

< evil smirk > < evil smirk >

Hey, calm down... Now you can just give your friends and/or relatives around the world the URL - web-page address - and cut them some slack. Then you can use that get-together time for better (=/= less stressful and/or boring) things like a fun back-yard barbecue and discuss just how BAD the photos really were over a juicy, thick 16-ounce steak! !

So send us the digital / digitised / scanned pictures of your Caribbean holidays - or of something special in your Caribbean home area - with a brief description so other people can see your vacation - or your world - through your eyes!

See Rulez below...



Send emails with attached images to

This is fun, but we'z still gotz RULEZ!:
1. We can manipulate any type of image, but for file size transfer considerations please send either JPEG (.jpg) or GIF (.gif) type files at 200 dpi or less.
(JPG and GIF are image compression formats).

2. Images must be no larger than 450 pixels wide @ 72 dpi or 900 pixels wide @ 144 dpi. We will make them suitable for use on the Internet.

3. Please ensure the following are included in the email text:
1. your first and last name
2. your country of residence
3. your email address
4. in the
same sequence as the photos are attached:
    - rough description of the photo (eg: 'Julie and myself on the beach')...
    - Caribbean location (eg: 'Antigua, south coast')...
    - approximate date (eg: June'99)...
    - caption you think is appropriate (eg: 'Three layers of lotion!!').
5. whether you want your name and/or email address with-held. If you do not so state, your name and/or email address may be added or linked to the photo at the discretion of the WebMaster.
** Submissions may be denied publication if all of the above information is not provided.

4. Don't forget to ATTACH the images BEFORE you send the email!!! And give the WebMaster a few days to get off his duff and work your stuff all out... he dreams of time on the sunny beach too!

5. Woo-Hoo!!


No fakes or abuse, and please keep it clean. Please state whether your approve of having your name and/or email address attached to the images. Discovery of inappropriate postings will result in the entry/entries being removed and the sender banned from future additions. Other than that, take NO RESPONSIBILITY for the accuracy of photographs, names, email addresses, responses from posters or results of a contact. Caveat emptor.

All images published on this site become the property of CanDoo Creative Concepts and Publishing and removal of text and images is subject to the sole discretion of the WebMaster, and both elements may be edited before and/or after publication. The WebMaster always reserves the right to exclude or delete content that, in the sole opinion of the WebMaster, is prurient, illegal, libellous, misleading, offensive or inappropriate.

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