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A word or two of explanation.

To find information about a topic, simply type in a few keywords. The more detailed your query, the more relevant your results.

Several words are ignored in the search. Conversational words such as

what, how, who, which, when, where, do and get

are discarded at the beginning of the search routine.

The search engine also comes with some advanced capabilities to help you find exactly what you're looking for. These capabilities include the ability to "and", "or" and use the plus, minus and the asterisk symbol in searches.

Note on case sensitivity - only words or phrases containing an upper case character will be treated as case sensitive.  A search on "usa" will match "Usa", "USA", and "usA", while the term "USA" matches only its uppercase version.

The asterisk is a powerful search tool, but has some limitations. It cannot span words - that is, the query "powerfu*earch" would not match the first sentence of this paragraph - and it can represent at most four letters or numbers. To avoid overly broad searches, the asterisk can only be used in words or phrases which have at least three alpha-numeric characters. A search for "th*" would be ignored.

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